7" "Covid Collection" Apple Green Peeking Bird Spirit by Toonoo Sharky

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Toonoo Sharky

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Inuit art: Peeking Spirit
Inuit Artist: Toonoo Sharky
Size: 7" across (6" horizontal), 5" wide, 5" wide
Community: Cape Dorset, NU (Carved in Iqaluit, NU)
Stone: Serpentine, caribou antler (for the eyes)
id: b-25472ajjjy


We recently welcomed five charming sculptures to the Gallery, carved by international superstar Toonoo Sharky.

This “Band of Brothers” are a deviation from Toonoo’s typical style.

Toonoo seldom carves medium sized sculptures. On average, these creatures are a hearty 9” size.

Toonoo’s work is typically reserved and sophisticated but these “bandits” are mischievous and full of bravado.

Peeking Bird is the youngest of the birds. Or is he perhaps the oldest?

Wings held close to his side, shorter tale feathers, a hooked nose?

An awkward pose with head down and tale up: I think Peeking Bird is very mature. Very worn by the world. And still he has a spark in his eye, an inquisitive demeanour.

The vibrant green stone infuses him with energy.

I was so excited receive this collection from Toonoo.

But, in stark contrast to the delight we feel from Toonoo’s art, is the sombre world spirit as we all battle Covid 19.

Because of the world pandemic, the government agencies which traditionally purchase and distribute Inuit art are closed.
Inuitsculptures.com has a long history of dealing directly with the Inuit artists which is why I received this special collection from Toonoo Sharky.
All Inuit artists (carvings and print) have effectively been shuttered from the world to limit the spread of the virus to their communities. Now, they are very limited in their ability to showcase their work and deliver it to the South.

During this financially uncertain time, one of my goals is to support the artists by not cutting back on purchasing their art.
But I also want to spotlight these carvings, so my clients can identify them as having been carved during the pandemic.

We are placing these pieces in the Covid Collection.
If you are reading this piece, you are likely a collector of Inuit art; someone who derives much pleasure from supporting our Canadian artists and someone who loves this uniquely Canadian art.
When you choose one of these carvings from the Covid Collection, you know that you are directly supporting the artist during this turbulent time.

Those that appreciate art, understand the importance of a provenance.
It is highly unusual to have a written provenance for Inuit art.

All the carvings in the Covid Collection, will come with a written provenance describing this unique situation.....that these pieces of art were carved during a world event of epic proportions. I would venture to say that never has there been such an unusual and historical provenance as it applies to Inuit art.

Its difficult to know how many pieces will be in the Covid Collection. The collection will continue until all pieces are sold and the pandemic is over.


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