5" Walking Bear by Quaraq Nungusuitok *Bailey*

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Quaraq Nungusuitok

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Inuit art: Walking Bear   
Inuit Artist: Quaraq Nungusuitok
Size: 5­­­­" long, 3" high, 2.5" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 10/22
Stone: Serpentine
id: dfa-N6147Qbhjy

What I am attracted to with Quaraq’s Walking bears is their long angular necks and heads and their often ample hind ends.

Maybe they are preparing for hibernation?

Quaraq is a Cape Dorset carver and the Cape Dorset aesthetic is "realism" and a bit of humour. 

This means the bear looks like a real bear and has a smile on its face (or at least a smirk).

Bailey is certainly realistic.

His proportions are perfect.

The deep green colour is vivid and broody. 

Sometimes, Walking bears are underappreciated. 

Everyone loves the joyous Dancing bear hip hopping to and fro.

But Walking bears allow you to savour all the majestic physical attributes of one of the globe's largest and fiercest land mammals.

And the Walking posture allows us to feel the bear as it moves forward on its quest.

Just like Bailey.


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