6" Two Way Classic Dancing Bear Isacci Shaa

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Isacie Shaa

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Inuit art: Dancing Bear
Inuit Artist: Isacci Shaa
Size: 6" tall, 4" wide, 3" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine
id: j-AL676055ehj

Yes. This Shaa bear is a classic two way Dancing bear because it is able to balance on both of its back feet.

BUT...... this is NOT a classic realistic bear.  This bear is not just round in its hind end like many realistic bears. This bear's body is GRAND;  perhaps a bit rotund. 

Its arms and legs are short but perfectly sized to bear the weight of the body.

And its neck tapers into the skull which continues to taper into a pointed nose.  Just like an arrow.

The mottled light to medium green stone is like lichen on a tree.

This piece has panache.

The perfect "one of a kind" sculpture for the eclectic person in your life.

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