6" Winsome Spirit Gjoa Haven Clayton Keknek

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Clayton Kekneck

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Inuit art: Face Transformation
Inuit Artist: Clayton Keknek
Size: 6" long, 5" high, 2" deep
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU
Stone: Stone medium
id: c-073

I love these Gjoa Haven transformations.
Number 1  Because their style is so unique to Gjoa Haven that you immediately know when you see one, that THIS is a messenger from Gjoa Haven.
Number  2  Because these quirky little carvings encourage our inner art lover to come forward. What story does this sculpture tell? 
Number 3  These transformations tell more than one story. Today, I see a ray of sunshine running amok, spreading his warmth and cheer wherever  he goes. Yesterday, I saw  a young spirit thoughtfully pondering his role in this world.
Keknek's genius is his ability to motivate us to not just SEE, but to UNDERSTAND the carving.
Kekneck is a gifted artist. 
I am mesmerized by his work.

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