6" Polar Bear Head by Joseph Suqslaq Gjoa Haven *Snarl*

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Joseph Suqslaq

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Inuit art: Polar Bear
Inuit Artist: Joseph Suqslaq
Size: 6" across, 5" tall   
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU 21
Stone: Fieldstone
id: c-137

Joseph loves to carve Polar bears.

His bears are carved in the Realism style. 

Even the smallest of his bears are so perfect they look like a large bear that has been shrunk.

Joseph uses a white sandstone with grey overtones which gives his bears a soft, furry look.

But make no mistake. 

Suqslaq's bears are NOT Teddy Bears.

These animals must endure and thrive in the cold and harsh Canadian Arctic.

"Snarl"  is a small perfectly carved Polar Bear "bust."  (Head and shoulders)

He has just stopped swimming and is taking a quick moment to either alert his dangerous presence to anyone in the vicinity or he may be scenting the air in search of supper.

I love how Suqslaq carves the teeth of his polar bears.  The widely open mouth allows the viewer to peer into the mouth of this fierce beast.

You could never do that in real life! 


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