6" Drum Dancer by Clayton Kekneck

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Clayton Kekneck

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Inuit art: Shaaman
Inuit Artist: Clayton Keknek
Size: 5.5" high, 3" wide, 2" deep
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU
Stone: Stone medium
id: c-059

Gjoa Haven carvings are playful and often, completely unexpected.  

Any Gjoa Haven piece will garner attention in your collection.

This is an ideal sculpture to add to a more traditional Inuit art collection.

Clayton Kekneck, Gjoa Haven, Nunavut (b 1993). 

Clayton Kekneck follows in the footsteps of famed international carver Judas Ulluluq (also from Gjoa Haven). Kekneck’s creative soapstone carvings challenge the imagination of his admirers. 

Beautifully carved, his pieces define the iconic Gjoa Haven style known for its playful characters fashioned from dark soapstone. Clayton Kekneck’s work is collected by enthusiasts from across Canada and by international cruiseship  passengers visiting the community.

Kekneck’s creative pieces are significant pieces of Gjoa Haven’s artisan history.


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