6" Dog by Ikkidluaq Teevee *Good Dog*

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Ikkidluaq Teevee

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Inuit Art: Dog
Inuit Artist: Ikkidluaq Teevee
Size: 6" across (tail to head), 5" wide, 4" tall
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 2/24
Stone: Serpentine 
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In the 1960's, the Inuit dog teams were almost completely replaced by the faster and more convenient snowmobile.

The dogs were an essential part of Inuit life for centuries.

Good Dog sits patiently, waiting for his owner's next command.

His Inuit owner may take him hunting in search of traditional Inuit food.

Or today, Good Dog may simple accompany his owner acting as a companion.

Teevee's carving captures both the intelligence and the nobility of man's best friend.

His Inuit master knows this dog will if necessary, surrender his life to safe guard any member of his pack.

Do you have a dog lover in your life?

Perhaps that dog lover is you.

This carving is breathtaking in its honesty.


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