5" Soaring Bird by Kelly Etidloie *Aerial*

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Kelly Etidloie

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Inuit art: Soaring Bird
Inuit Artist: Kellypalik (Kelly) Etidloie
Size: 5" high, 3.5" wide, 1" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 9/23
Stone: Serpentine
id: dfa-N6033Rcej

Masterpiece Sculpture! Magnificent Movement!

Kelly Etidloie is a respected Cape Dorset carver.

His repertoire of carving subjects is vast . . . birds, wolves, dogs, muskoxen, penguins and bears.

Aerial soars above us, wings widely spread to catch the wind.

As he rides the wind, he peeks down at the earth planning his next moves so he can land gracefully on land.

The lines of this eagle like bird are tight.

The feathers in his wings and tail are meticulous in their detail. 

The veins in the stone cross the bird's wings accentuating the tips of the feathers.

Aerial is magnificent.

He is so realistic it is difficult to accept that this carving is not a living creature.


And he's gone.


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