5" Mellow Walking Bear Allan Sheutiapik

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Allan Sheutiapik

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Inuit art: Walking Bear 
Inuit Artist: Allan Sheutiapik
Size: 5" long, 2.5" high, 2" wide
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Material: Serpentine
id: j-67628ejj

Allan Sheutiapik understands how to build a bear.

Take one ample backside, add muscular legs. Make the back legs longer than the front.

Attach  a square muzzle to a box shaped skull. Make the face dangerous but friendly at the same time.

Now comes THE most important part.

Add "delight". 

The bear could be dancing, or striding, or just standing still. But delight leads us to the essence of the bear. We see its sense of humor, its courageous heart, and its rambling soul.

Allan's bears always have a je ne sais quoi; a quality that cannot be described or named easily.

I always try to have Sheutiapik carvings on hand for my clients. People are enthralled by their physical presence and their happy countenance.

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