4" Diving Bear Allan Sheutiapik

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Allan Sheutiapik

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Inuit art: Diving Bear    
Inuit Artist: Allan Sheutiapik
Size: 4" wide, 3" tall
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine
id: j-AL67459cij

Allen Sheutiapik is on my list of artists who "understand the nature of  the  bear".

Like Allen, these artists can carve any size and any style of Dancing, Diving and Walking bears giving each bear a unique and enchanting personality. 

Allen's Diving bear, carved with the most electric neon green stone, caught my eye immediately. Gorgeous lightning rods of marble flash across the stone.

This piece is lively and dynamic. 

I particularly admire the faces and long pointed muzzles of Allen's bears.

See our May 30, 2021 blog Spotlight on the Dancing Bear.


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