H&R 24" 125 lbs Rare Arching Back Green Walking Bear by Nuna Parr

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Nuna Parr

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Inuit art: Walking Bear
Inuit Artist: Nuna Parr
Size: 24" Long, 11" wide, 11" tall Weight: 123.4 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine 
id: dfa-5536Majjjjy

When we heard at the studio a year ago that Nuna Parr would not be carving much due health issues, we have been particular keen on finding his last remaining bears.

This bear right here represents the opus of Nuna Parr's career. It is a Masterpiece. One of the nicest walking bears we have ever seen him achieve. This is particularly due to the fact that it was carved in 2016, before his arm became partially paralyzed.

This walking bear represents Nuna Parr in his absolute prime from 2016. This extraordinary walking bear came back from consignment from another gallery.

Due to our close relationship with the co-op and the Inuit manager who operates it, he showed us this piece and we did not hesitate for a second.

This walking bear represents Nuna Parr at the height of his career. We had two other dancing bears a couple months ago that were also made with the same calibre and quality as this one. They both sold within days and so will this.

Please take note that this bear is arching its back which is exactly what made Nuna Parr so famous. It is the flow and animation of his larger than life bears that have earned him to be one of the most famous Inuit artists of our time.

This is a special piece for the elite collector of Inuit art - A once in a lifetime genuine masterpiece for the ages.

The largest Nuna Parr we have ever had in the gallery

At the age of 70, Nuna has recently had some health setbacks and is carving less frequently.  We cannot predict the future but now we seldom receive his beautiful bears with any regularity.

However, what I can say with confidence, is ALL of Nuna Parr’s famous bears will double or triple in value when he retires.  This magnificent beast is no exception.  It was sent back from another gallery that closed which meant I was in the right place at the right time to acquire this Masterpiece for my clients especially my Nuna Parr enthusiasts!  

This is one of the largest walking bear we have ever seen!  Nuna carved this spirited scenting bear from a gigantic slate of serpentine stone.

This bear is the quintessential Nuna Parr Bear.
The movement...dynamic, expressive.
The stone...the finest earthy, layered green serpentine stone.
The finish...smooth, unblemished, polished to a reflective shine. The size..... large, perfectly proportioned.

My Inuit art enthusiasts understand the celebrity that comes with the acquisition of a Nuna Parr Masterpiece Bear.  
Simply put, Nuna is the best Inuit Carver of bears in the world!  I am not exaggerating.  His pieces sell well in the five digit category and are certain investment pieces.

The demand for Nuna Parr bear is on par with the demand for tickets to “Hamilton”.

I didn’t hesitate for a second to purchase this Masterpiece.  I know it will command lots of attention and will sell quickly.

This may well be one of your last chances to own one of the most exquisite Nuna Parr carvings I have ever seen.  How proud would a company be to have this sculpture in their CEO’s office or in their boardroom?  How special would this piece be in your home in the grand foyer or in the centre of the main living space!?

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