22" SIGNATURE Dog Sled by Peter K. *I'm Home*

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Peter K.

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Inuit art: Hunter and Dog Sled
Inuit Artist: Peter K.
Size: 22" across, 5" high, 4" wide
Community: Yellowknife, NU 5238/23
Stone: Marble & Multimedia
id: d-7743ajjjy

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**Peter K. SIGNATURE Dog Sled carving

Epic Masterpiece Carving!

Peter K. is a young protege of Derrald Taylor.

I have shown many of his sculptures over the past year.

Clients have "fallen" hard for Peter K.

They know they are seeing the evolution of a Master Carver.

Dog sled vignettes have become one of Peter's signature carvings.  

I'm Home is the story of a man and his dog team.

This is one of those "a picture is worth a thousand words" moments.

Exquisite, tender, charming, and poignant are adjectives that come to mind.

Poignant because for the most part, skidoos have largely replaced the dog sled team.

Poignant because the carving depicts the dependency the Inuk has on his dogs and his dogs on the Inuk.

This magical sculpture would be a perfect gift for the dog lover or anyone who values teamwork!

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