22" Diving Polar Bear by Joanie Ragee *Avalanche*

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Joanie Ragee

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Inuit art: Dancing/Diving Bear    
Inuit Artist: Joanie Ragee
Size: 22" across, 16" high, 14" deep, 68 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 2/22
Stone: Serpentine
id: 209-1268224Chbjjy

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Masterpiece Sculpture! Museum quality Carving!

Avalanche, Joanie's large and majestic polar bear, is a centerpiece who deserves his own viewing room!

Avalanche is a two foot tall Diving bear, balancing on his right paw.  

This sculpture has a commanding presence.

No Teddy Bear personality here.  This is a POLAR bear.

Polar bears are the most powerful and dangerous mammals in the Arctic.

Polar bear tours aside, this bear will kill a human under the right circumstances.

Ragee's skill is impeccable.  Joanie knows how to carve a realistic carving.. He understands the nature of a bear.  

Look at Ragee's ability to balance this large bear on his right paw!

This bear is incredibly strong, like an Olympic gymnast!  

Every aspect of this sculpture is perfect. 

And Ragee has chosen the most luxurious white serpentine marble for this bear.

There is a very faint dappling of light grey under the white especially on the underbelly.

The bear is more realistic with this colour pattern
Can you understand why Joanie has been recognized around the world as a masterful Inuit artist?

His bears are stunningly inspirational.


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