21" Museum Sculpture Camouflage Caribou (2001) by Master Carver Moses Koonark

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Moses Koonark

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Inuit Art: Caribou (2001)
Artist: Moses Koonark
Dimensions: 21" (across), 18" Horizontal, 18" Tall, 5" wide, 28 lbs
Community: Pond Inlet, NU
Material: Dolomite & Caribou bone
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***Museum Piece - This piece was on display at the Arctic COOP’s head office for about 15 years. They were moving into their new location and needed to downsize some of their collection. 

This liberating and timid creature is one of earth's most graceful subjects. Our visual interest is piqued when we first see the majestic and intricate antlers of Caribou. The antlers are the jewelled crown for our tundra King. 

This engaging caribou is a true Warrior King.  

His hide is carved from Dolomite stone. Dolomite contains fossils and dolomite crystals. The crystals appear as white or grey flecks or smudges within the finely textured vanilla stone.

 Our particular Caribou Warrior is artfully tattooed on its side with a beautiful marking that resembles “NATO Army Camouflage”. Although he wanders the Arctic tundra battle weary, his heritage cannot be disguised and we are drawn to his nobility.

Image result for us armed forces 1982 - 1995 camouflageLike all of Koonark's creations, this caribou does not adhere to any predefined approach. Each of his sculptures is a unique style which is why Moses is a premier Master carver.

I love the essence of this piece. The reason is because its composition effortlessly flows from head to tail revealing its serene and peaceful spirit.

This is a sizeable carving.  Its dramatic charm will draw you to it from across the room.

             PROUDLY CANADIAN SINCE 2008

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