20" Drum Dancer by Jaco Ishulutak *To and Fro*

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Jaco Ishulutak

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Inuit art: Eskimo Drum Dancer
Inuit Artist: Jaco Ishulutak
Size: ­­­­20" across (17" vertical), 15" wide, 10" deep, 47 lbs (very heavy)
Community: Pangnirtung, NU 21
Stone: Serpentine
id: ndc-176-178567ehbjy

** This item is Eligible for Layaway Plan

**Note This is a large piece.

** Interchangeable pieces included - Drum and Baton and Two Tom Toms.

Masterpiece Sculpture  Museum quality Carving!

This is a monumental sculpture by world class carver Jaco Ishulutak.

As the curator of Inuitsculptures.com, I have watched Jaco's talent develop and unfold. 

The character pieces Jaco carves today are unprecedented.  Their presence suggest figures of fantasy and myth. 

I have never seen Jaco carve with so much passion and creativity.

This large sculpture of an Inuk is a signature piece.

His garments are elaborate and beautifully designed.  His facial features are sharp and chiselled which is unlike the more rounded faces of the Inuk.

Our Inuk is leaning well over to the left. I suspect he is swaying from side to side following the rhythm of music or drumming which we cannot hear.

This posture requires true skill on the part of the artist.  If not properly balanced, this leaning sculpture would fall over.

I can't recall seeing a swqying piece like this Inuk. Jaco’s work is exceptional.

These Jaco pieces will be in your family for decades and decades because these are sculptures that will become legendary.

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