20” Last Striking Brown Dancing Bear by Nuna Parr

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Nuna Parr

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Inuit art: Dancing Bear
Inuit Artist: Nuna Parr
Size: 20" tall, 13" wide, 7" deep, 59.6 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine 
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As many of you are aware, a year ago we became aware that Nuna Parr had been experiencing some physical difficulties with one of his arms. In fact, we had acquired a bear that Nuna had carved with the help of a relative using only one arm. Happily, he recovered the use of his arm but the number of carvings he produces is diminishing. We are very keen to find his last remaining bears. I have been so lucky to recently acquire some pieces which he carved in the last few years but for some reason were not on the open market.

I was elated to recently come across this gorgeous Brown Dancing Bear. This bear represents the opus of Nuna’s career. This is a sheer Masterpiece. It was carved in 2015 before he developed the issues with his arm.

This is a classic Nuna Parr Dancing Bear. This is Nuna at the height of his career! Every part of this sculpture is perfection; the movement, the balance and the choice of the deep chocolate serpentine stone.

Look at this Bear.

This is the Magic that occurs when years and years of hard work and experience come together and result in Perfection. I can’t impress upon you enough the significance of this carving. Nuna is the Master of Master Carvers when it comes to the Dancing Bear. The spirit of this bear is carved into his kicking lower leg, the scissoring of his arms and the twisting of his lumbering body. I cannot understand how Nuna has been able to balance this bear. It seems impossible!

This is the reason Nuna is so respected and cherished. His bears are beautiful, with gentle spirits and the dexterity of an Olympic athlete. I admit that this bear is special. He has a Nuna presence that is hard to explain. But those of us who love Nuna and his Dancing bears understand the charm of this particular piece.

Do I have to say this Masterpiece is also the perfect Investment piece? In the near future, this large quintessential Nuna Parr bear will be sought after and savvy collectors will want to buy this piece as fewer and fewer carvings come onto the market.

I am so honoured to have this piece. I seriously considered keeping it for my private collection. But, I have so many clients who wait patiently for the chance to obtain a large Nuna Dancing bear for their collection that I reluctantly let him go.

DO NOT hesitate on this iconic Nuna Parr bear. This carving will give you years of joy!

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