20" Inuk Riding a Shark by Jonasie Faber *Rein*

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Jonasie Faber

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Inuit art: Inuk riding Shark
Inuit Artist: Jonasie Faber
Size: 20" long, 17" high, 10" deep 30 lbs 
Stone: Stetlite (beautiful colors of green) 1/22
id: d-djjjy

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Jonasie Faber is a Master Inuit carver who was born in Greenland but has lived in Canada for decades.

Now in his 70s, he is one of the oldest active Inuit carvers.

One of his greatest inspirations comes from his heritage which is Inuit and Norse.

His subjects are always uniquely unexpected.

This glorious piece features a human riding on the back of a Shaman transformation who is balanced on the dorsal fin of a massive shark!

As the shark tears along the surface of the ocean, he is surrounded by numerous creatures (including a long "eel") and at least one Sedna. 

This is an incredible sculpture that is complex and fascinating. 

Faber's carving are offered in the world-famous auction rooms of Sotheby’s and Waddington in Toronto and New York City. 

It will be a long time before you encounter an Inuit sculpture like this one again.

Maybe, never.

Many major art museums have Jonasie's works in their permanent collections:
Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Qc
Museum of Inuit Art, Toronto, On
Danish royal family’s collection
The University of Oklahoma Museum of Art, USA 
Government of Greenland Collection, Greenland
Canadian Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, ON


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