2.5" Miniature Diving Bear by Mosesee Pootoogook *Olive*

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Mosesee Pootoogook

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Inuit art: Diving Bear
Inuit Artist:  Mosesee (Moe) Pootoogook
Size: 2.5" long, 2" high
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 3/22
Stone: Serpentine
id: dfa-AL6792Pajjy

Mini masterpiece Carving!

Many collectors are drawn toward the world of miniatures.

Dolls, ornaments, antique toys, and sculptures:the smaller the better.

Some psychologists think that miniatures take us back to our childhood when for most people, we were innocent, safe and happy.

This endearing diving bear by Mosesee Pootoogook (one of my favourite bear artists) is only 2.5' tall!!!

These miniatures are more difficult to carve especially if the piece is realistic and detailed.

Olive's facial featuress and body habitus are perfect.

This diving bear would be a sweet graduation gift for an elementary student.


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