1985 (Released in 2016) FORMIDABLE MUSKOX by Pudlo Pudlat

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$1,000.00 CAD

Inuit Artist: Pudlo Pudlat
Lithograph 1985 (Released in the 2016 Spring collection)
56.8 x 73.8 cm
Dorset ID#: 16S-02

To commemorate the centenary of Pudlo Pudlat's birth in 2016, Dorset Fine Arts released from its archives two never before seen limited edition lithographs, "Formidable Muskox" and "Caribou in Northern Lights". Printed at the Cape Dorset studios in 1985 and 1987 respectively, these two dynamic prints are superb examples of Pudlo's work created during the apogee of his career.

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