198 cm / 6.43 feet Narwhal Tusk Ivory

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Narwhal Tusk

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Product: Narwhal Tusk 
Material: Ivory
Dimensions: 198 cm long (78"), 3,129.79 grams (6.9 lbs)
ID: Tug #026M
Origin: Eclipse Sound, Arctic Canada
Year: 2017
Condition: Excellent tip, tusk is perfectly clean
id: 026M-nw-2336chjj

Cannot be exported to USA, UK, Australia, Mexico and Taiwan.

Most other countries are OK.

-CITES Import permit
-Must Add Chinese Import Taxes of 22%
-Shipping TBD (approximately 2500 - 3500 yuan - $500)
-25% deposit will be required on initial purchase
-Once initial deposit is received, we will apply for:

CITES Export permit,
Transport Tag,
Veterinarian certificate, 
Certificate of Origin, & 
Customs B13 form.

-Once we receive CITES Export permit (2 month approximately), an additional 25% deposit will be required.
-You will apply for Chinese CITES Import permit. Once received, we will be ready to ship to you. (this will take 3 - 4 months for you to get this).
-Before shipping, we will require a balance of 50% plus shipping cost will be required before sending.

If you are from Canada, then we can ship the tusk to you within 14 days or less. We'll get all the necessary documents for tusks shipped within Canada.

This is a perfect narwhal tusk with zero flaws or defects. It has a perfect tip. Narwhal tusks are one of the most sought after subjects in Inuit art. They will definitely spark interest from your audience. In my experience with the gallery, a narwhal tusk really makes a statement.

If you are from another country, please add 340 CAD administration fee. It takes 6 weeks or more to get all the paperwork ready, depending on the country. We'll get an export permit on our end and we'll guide you through the process of getting an import permit on your end, if necessary.

Shipping TBD

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