19" Dancing Polar Bear by Kelly Ashoona *In the Moment*

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Kelly Ashoona

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Inuit art: Dancing Bear       
Inuit Artist: Kelly Ashoona
Size: 19" across, 8" wide, 6" deep, 18 lbs. 
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 20
Stone: Marble
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Masterpiece Sculpture! Magnificent Movement!

I saw this Ashoona Dancing bear and was struck by two things.


The head position of a Dancing bear can completely change the way we interpret the bear.

If the head is flexed backward with the snout high in the air, the bear can be seen as contemplative, and serene, as if it were  praying.

Turn the head to the side and looking down, and the bear is demure, innocent and perhaps again contemplative.


We often equate the realistic style of carving with exact proportions and meticulous carved details such as facial features, claws and paws.

But, this precious piece aptly shows us that the mere suggestion of details is poignant and impactful.

I love this style of carving.  I will call it more primitive than realistic. 

Ashoona's dancing bear has a bit of a sci-fi look as if it is not of this world.  Maybe the ears and the oblong face lead me to this observation.

What do you think? What comes to mind when you see this stunning creature?

The soft finish of the stone and the subtle grays within the white marble is sumptuous.

This is a less common finish, but perfect for this unique Dancing bear.

And may I point out this bear can dance on not one, but two different feet.

This difficulty level of carving such a posture is high. 

Carvers who create dancing bears must be extremely skilled and experienced just like Kelly Ashoona.

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