18" Drum Dancer by Jaco Ishulutak *Collossus*

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Jaco Ishulutak

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Inuit art: Eskimo Drum Dancer
Inuit Artist: Jaco Ishulutak
Size: ­­­­19" high (15" without paddle), 9" wide, 9" deep, 47 lbs 
Community: Pangnirtung, NU 21
Stone: Serpentine
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** This item is Eligible for Layaway Plan

**Note This is a large piece.

** Interchangeable pieces included - Drum and Baton and Two Tom Toms

Masterpiece Carving!  Museum quality Sculpture!

Jaco's Inuit figures are becoming legendary. 

What I mean, is that as Jaco's carving style evolves, his human figures are becoming less realistic and are growing more fanciful and exaggerated.

For example, Jaco's male figures are not merely large, they are GIANTS. 

Jaco doesn't dress his sculptures in normal parkas and leggings suitable to the cold climate.

Instead, he dresses them in dramatic and elaborate costumes typical of the renaissance period or a fairy tale hero.

Even the physical attributes of Jaco's humans are unconventional.

Each of our dancer's facial features are exaggerated and amplified.  The eyes are higher on the face and acutely angled downward, almost like a sad clown.  

The nose is Romanesque with overlarge nostrils. Only the mouth is proportionate in size.  This isn't to say that the face is distorted!  Not at all. The facial features are stunningly alluring. 

Jaco has carved the face of a classic figure, full of emotion and passion.  This dancer is a signature Jaco art piece. Dramatic, imposing and riveting.

Do you find yourself waiting for our dancer to make his next move? 

I'm expecting him to straighten his head and speak!

Jaco carves with such passion.  It is his passion that fuels his revolutionary genius. 

There are very few Inuit carvers who carve human figures like Jaco.  You are looking at a precious gift.

Did you know that those chips and scratches on your cherished carvings can be "erased"?  Return them to their original beautiful state. 

See our communique on Carving Restoration and Repair 


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