17" SIGNATURE Muskox Circle by Jonasie Faber *Defending the Herd*

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Jonasie Faber

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Inuit art: Muskox Circle
Inuit Artist: Jonasie Faber
Size: 16.5" across, 16.5" deep, 4" high
Stone: Soapstone 1/22
id: d-5568cbjjy

**This Item is Eligible for our Layaway Plan.

**Jonasie Faber SIGNATURE Muskox Circle carving

Magnificent Carving!  Museum quality Sculpture!

Jonasie Faber is a Master Inuit carver from Greenland who now resides in Canada.  

Unlike many of our Canadian Inuit artists, Jonasie has travelled widely but still carves in a fashion that reflects his Inuit culture.

His carvings are meticulously detailed with a primitive but sophisticated style.

Stalking bears and muskox are two of his preferred subjects.

This is a unique and beautiful arrangement of muskox forming a circle.

When Muskox are threatened they form a circle to defend the herd.

The light green coloured stone with warm brown high lights is refreshing and spirited. 

This Muskox Circle is a timeless piece that could easily find its way into an Art Museum.

Jonasie's carvings have been sold by Sothebys,  Waddingtons and New York’s large auction houses.

I have only seen a few Muskox Circles in my years as a Curator. This is a unique subject matter in Inuit carving.

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