16" Doll Textile Art by Mikki Siusangnark *Safe and Warm*

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Mikki & Noah Siusangnark

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Inuit art: Seal Skin Doll
Inuit Artist: Mikki & Noah Siusangnark
Size: 16" high, 10" wide, 8" deep
Community: Repulse Bay, NU 21
Material: Fur & Caribou Antler
id: ndc-199-268807adjjy

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Masterpiece Soft Sculpture!  Museum quality Craftsmanship!

You are in good company if you love to collect dolls.

Doll collectors love the personaility and charm of these soft sculptures.

Some collect dolls purely for investment purposes. After all, an original and mint condition GI Joe or Cabbage Patch doll can fetch a pretty penny.

Other reasons for doll collecting are for the love of collecting antiques, historical items, vintage fashion and the connection to nostalgia. 

Some collectors love to sew costumes for their dolls.

When I first saw this Inuk hunter wearing the most incredible seal skin parka, pants and mukluks, I was moved by the dedication and talent these two Inuit artists have to create such a beautifully accurate soft sculpture. 

Mikki is an incredibly talented and experienced "seamstress".

Then I began to appreciate the carved portion of the scene. The face of the Inuk is perfect in its proportions. His hands and his fishing accessories are detailed in their rendering.

Maybe you haven't considered a soft sculpture for your collection. but this piece is one you should consider. 

We understand that life in the Far North is harsh and difficult but this depiction of Inuit life is full of light and love. 

Mikki's dolls have an international reputation. 

She is recognized for her outstanding craftsmanship and inspirational dolls.  


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