15" SIGNATURE Dog Sled by Peter K. *Chinook*

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Peter K.

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Inuit art: Hunter and Dog Sled
Inuit Artist: Peter K.
Size: 15" across, 6" high, 5" wide
Community: Yellowknife, NU 11/22
Stone: Marble & multimedia
id: d-9988acjjy

**This Item is Eligible for our Layaway Plan.

**Peter K. SIGNATURE Dog Sled carving

Epic Masterpiece Carving!

The star feature of this Peter K. hunting scene has to be the Inuk's dog, Chinook.

Chinook is the guardian of the catch. 

He intensely guards the bound seal.

Peter has carved him using a different colour stone so we focus our attention on him.

All of the dogs are exquisite in their detail and personalities.

Maybe Chinook is the lead dog on a well deserved break?

Look at the Inuk's face.

Peter K. tells a heartwarming Hunter and Dog story with each of his carvings.

I think you will agree that Chinook is a magnificent piece.


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