15" Whale Bone Drum Dancer by Billy Merkosak *Bliss*

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Billy Merkosak

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Inuit art: Bone Drum Dancer
Inuit Artist: Billy Merkosak
Size: 15" high, 8" wide, 5" deep
Community: Pond Inlet, NU 21
Stone: Whale Bone & Caribou bone

** This item is Eligible for Layaway Plan

Museum Quality Sculpture!

U.S. buyers cannot purchase this piece due to whale bone restrictions via customs.

Some of the greatest works of Inuit sculpture defy analysis. And sometimes the adjectives actually seem to contradict one another.

How can a sculpture have a commanding presence and yet also be genuinely winsome?

How can a work be quirkily naive and yet highly refined?

These qualities describe this Drum Dancer masterpiece by Billy Merkosak.

Joy and pride emanate from this Drum Dancer as he tells the story of his people's past.

The Dancer's face is so realistic one would think (incorrectly) Merkosak had taken a photograph of a face and placed it in the carving! 

How is Billy able to carve such a piece?

This is a piece that I believe will find its way into a museum some day.


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