15" SIGNATURE Inukshuk by Paul Bruneau *Magnetic Force*

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Paul Bruneau

$3,460.00 CAD

Art: Inukshuk
Artist: Paul Bruneau
Size: 15" tall, 14" wide, 6" deep, 28 lbs
Community: Timmins, ON 21
Stone: Serpentine
id: d-2112aejjy

**This Item is Eligible for our Layaway Plan

** Paul Bruneau SIGNATURE Inukshuk carving

Note ** Paul Bruneau is an Ojibway native and a member of the Mattagami First Nations Reserve.

Masterpiece Carving! Museum quality Sculpture!

Each of Bruneau's Inukshuks have their own spirit, their own  je ne sais quoi!

What attracts you to this piece?

Is it the essence of the piece?  Its energy?

Or is it less abstract?  

Are you inspired by the colours, patterns and lines of the piece?

Art is personal. 

Such an obvious statement BUT we say it because it is so TRUE.

Magnetic Force lives at the top of the world in Canada's Far North.

His colourful personality attracts all sorts of attention as a magnet would.

Until Paul arrived on the scene, Canadian art had never seen the like of these Bruneau Inukshuks.

Isn't it time to bring this inspiration treasure into your life? 


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