15" Dancing Bear by Palaya Qiatsuq

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Palaya Qiatsuq

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Inuit art: Dancing Bear  
Inuit Artist: Palaya Qiatsuq
Size: 15" across, (11" vertical), 9­­­­" wide, 6" deep, 12 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine
id: dfa-7259NbdjjyRED

Palaya Qiatsuq has an uncanny ability to render both the massiveness and the quiet grace of the bear with surprising spirituality and form. The radical truncation of the bear's body creates visual ambiguity.

Both the vibrancy and purity of the dark green stone create a tenuous dilemma from within, though the overall intensity allows certain compromise from both. 

This is a beautiful composition of a dancing bear by world renowned artist Palaya Qiatsuq. He is extremely famous for his dancing owls.

The refined smooth stone done in a classic green setting allows this piece to flow from head to toe.


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Palaya Qiatsuq (1960)

Palaya Qiatsuq was born in Cape Dorset and began carving around 1977. He learned to carve from his father, the well known sculptor and print maker Lukta Qiatsuk. Palaya works in soapstone and bone, and carves each sculpture with much attention to detail.

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