14" Mother bear hugging her cub by World Famous Manasie Akpaliapik

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Manasie Akpaliapik

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Inuit art: Mother Bear and Cub
Inuit Artist: Manasie Akpaliapik
Size: 14" across (13" horizontal), 12" tall, 10" wide. Weight: 42.6 lbs
Community: Arctic Bay, NU
Stone: Wonder Stone
id: d-88501ihjjy

To understand the servitude and significance of Manassie to Canadian art, the National Gallery of Canada devoted one of his pieces centre stage to the inuit pavilion. The inlaid eyes are Manasie's raison d'etre and contribution to the Inuit art world.

There is no artist that has mastered the gruelling technique to achieve finesse and grace quite like Manasie. Fitting them into the stone takes much experience and skill. It is the eye catching colors of the eyes that bring his pieces to life.

My family with ManasieManasie Akpaliapik had many prestigious commissions, including a commision to the National Art museum of Canada. He is in the premier elite circle of not just master carvers, but premier master carvers. 

Regarding this mother cub... the highlight of this piece is exclaimed to the stunning marble stone setting. This establishes a gateway to a euphoric dynamic where the sculpture is completed to a degree of perfection rarely ever seen.

This piece incorporates Manasie's traditional story line of: "Guardian Spirits Within". His works reflect a concern for the vulnerability of his homeland. They offer unflinching depictions of social ills that have impacted northern communities and reflect the belief that humans must live in balance with and respect all living things.

It is the nicest mother and cub carving I have ever seen in my life. It is as simple as that! Check out the movement, the atomic proportions, the subtleties in movement and stance. If that weren't enough... than you have that wild marble stone. The subtle greyish stripes give it the pigmentation that reminds you this is still a stone.

And then you have the shine.... woooooow!!! The shine, the gloss, the reflective and brilliance of the white marble stone. This is one of the nicest pieces I have ever seen. If ever a carving was done to perfection... this here is it. This is Manasies trademark and the finishing punctuation he likes to add to his winning pieces.

This is nothing short of an investment. Your looking at doubling your efforts in less than 10 years with a piece like this.

This is your chance to own a masterpiece by one of the top five Inuit artists in the world.

A quick google search and you will see just how internationally recognized Manasie is. Do not hesitate on a masterpiece like this.

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