12" Muskox by Seepee Ipeelie (1940-2000)

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Seepee Ipeelie

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Inuit art: Muskox        
Inuit Artist: Seepee Ipeelie (1940-2000)
Size: 12" long, 5" wide, 8" tall
Community: Iqaluit, NU
Stone: serpentine
id: j-67036fhjj

Provenance - January 7th, 2021: A very very hard find. A gem. This beautiful classic muskox by the late and world famous Seepee Ipeelee stood proud in the mayors office for the last 20 years. We were able to get our hands on this piece recently. This is a piece that any serious Inuit art collector would be lucky to have.

By now, those of you who know my curator “heart” know that when I see a sculpture for the first time, in those first few seconds of awareness of the piece, I experience an involuntary deep breath in.... when I see extreme beauty and/or genius.

I suspect that you too have some kind of visceral or bodily reaction to the art that astounds you.

So, this carving was such a piece.

I am a fan of the Muskox, to be honest.

Each feature of the Muskox is so impressive; their large chiselled faces, their regal horns, and their overwhelming size. And the shoulder hump!!! For me, the perfect Inuit Muskox must have a dominating shoulder hump.

This sculpture has it all!

And the piece de resistance is the unusual warm honey coloured stone.

Every chiselled detail of this stunning animal is easily apparent because of the colour but the stone is warm and imbues a gentleness onto the animal.


A discerning collector will value this Seepie Ipeelie piece immediately.



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