12" Mother and Calf Narwhals by Tony Atsanik *A Mother's Love*

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Tony Atsanik

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Inuit art: Narwhals
Inuit Artist: Tony Atsanik
Size: 12" long, 4" wide, 4" tall
Community: Qikiqtarjuaq, NU 8/22
Material: Muskox horn and Marble (white & brown)
id: caps-862000622ejjy

Tony Atsanik has crafted this precious vignette of a mother Narwhal and her calf with sensitivity.

The mood is serene.

The beautiful white female leads her calf around the ocean floor as she taches him how to navigate their watery home.

The Muskox horn and marble stone are ethereal. 

You can "hear" the profound silence of their underwater home.
I love these scenes or “vignettes”.

These sculptures are esthetically pleasing AND teach us about Inuit culture.

Is it even possible to have too many “vignettes” in your collection?

These pieces are wonderful gifts for those who may not be familiar with Inuit carvings but also, seasoned collectors admire and love to collect these engaging scenes.


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