12" Dancing White Bear by Johnny Manning

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Johnny Manning

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Inuit art: Dancing Bear       
Inuit Artist: Johnny Manning
Size: 12" across (10" vertical), 10" wide, 5" deep, 8 lbs. 
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Marble
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 Done in a smooth and refined marble stone, Manning’s bear is perfection! His raw savagery contrasts his endearing spirited dance step and we can’t help falling in love with this delightful creature.

Of course, the polar bear must be white. But not just any white! Manning has chosen an electric white marble stone transfused with soft gray veins. This combination of colours in the marble gives strength and character to the sculpture.

As he balances on his one foot, there is a surreal flow of electrical power coursing through this bear’s limbs. I love that both arms are thrust to one side. This is extremely difficult for a carver to accomplish because the sculpture is balancing on one foot.

Canadians love their polar bears. Johnny’s bears are so popular they are hard to keep in stock.

If you admire Manning’s style, you are likely to appreciate the carvings of Mosesee Pootoogook and Johnny Papigatook.
( See Dancing and Walking Bears and Small Bears under $500)

( See Dancing and Walking Bears and Small Bears under $500)




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