11" Igloo Life by Jimmy Iqaluq *Taking Shelter*

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Jimmy Iqaluq

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Inuit art: Life in an Igloo
Inuit Artist: Jimmy Iqaluq
Size: 11" across, 6" high, 10" wide
Community: Sanikiluaq, NU 21
Stone: Argillite and mixed media
id: d-9983afjjy

Masterpiece Status!

Elite Master Carver Jimmy Iqaluq is the quintessential Inuit artist when it comes to recreating scenes that show the day to day life of the Inuit.

Jimmy actually lived in an igloo until he was age 14. 

Jimmy's art speaks of the history of Inuit culture and Inuit tradition.

And you as the viewer are privileged to be able to peek into the rich past of these Canadian people.

Taking Shelter permits us to have a few moments with two Inuit  who are cutting blocks of snow with their knives and building themselves an igloo.

Look at the detailed carving. Immaculate details are one of Jimmy's signature moves.

The embroidery on the garments, the fur around the hood, and the facial expressions.... without these details, the story would be paltry and plain.  

Instead, the story comes to life.  

This is the story of necessity.  It is necessary to find shelter from the cruel Northern climate otherwise our people will die.

But this is also the story of resilience.  The Inuit have lived and flourished in this harsh environment for millenia because they have the skills (passed on by previous generations) to know how to survive!

This is a multi media piece.  The stone is tenderly polished to a high glossy finish.  The light that emanates from the stone focuses the eye on the task at hand. 

I love how Jimmy has used a completely different stone to carve the figure which I believe is a woman.

The viewer hungrily searches for all the details in this piece.  It is the detail which makes this piece so magical!

Jimmy Iqaluk is in the top five Inuit artists in Canada.

Be assured, when Jimmy retires from carving, his works will be the centrepiece of any auction house. 

Their Masterpiece status ensures that over the years, these carvings will increase in both artistic and monetary value.

See our August 15, 2021 blog Spotlight on Elite Master Carver Jimmy Iqaluq.


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