11" Two Way "Covid Collection" Black Speckled Dancing Bear by Famous Kooyoo Peter

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Kooyoo Peter

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Inuit art: Two Way Dancing Bear
Inuit Artist: Kooyoo Peter 
Size: 11" across (10" vertical), 7" wide, 6" deep, 6 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine

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Provenance May 5, 2020 - Still locked within the surreal environment of Covid 19, most of the Inuit artists have shuttered their businesses so they may focus on the care of their families.

Master Carver Kooyoo Peter has just released two outstanding Dancing Bears which he has carved during this global upheaval. We are adding them to our “Covid Collection”. We began this collection one month ago with Toonoo Sharkey’s seven enchanting carvings also created during the Covid crisis.

This is a special bear and the provenance behind it is a rarity. Each carving in the Covid Collection will be accompanied by a unique provenance describing the circumstances surrounding the creation of this beautiful piece. At the same time, the collector will know that they were able to support the Inuit during these challenging times when the carvers’ usual supply chain is closed.


A rare breed indeed, Kooyoo Peter sets himself apart from the rest of the pack.

His name has become associated with elite Master Carvers Nuna Parr, Tuk Nuna, and Markosie Papigatok all of whom are sought after for their interpretation of the bear spirit. Yes! Kooyoo Peter is a MASTER CARVER.

This is a generously sized medium Dancing Bear. To be specific, Kooyoo’s sculpture is a two way bear which means the bear can balance on either foot. This requires patience and talent on the part of the artist as this posture is difficult to achieve. (Kooyoo Peter is one of the few artists today that has this ability).

The speckled dark marble is one of my favourites. It brings to mind the lichen on the Arctic terrain in the summer, gently masking the austere stone landscape. The facial features are serene and resolved as though this bear knows its place in the constantly changing world of today. Perfect balance and perfect polish from Master Carver Kooyoo Peter.

This Covid Collection sculpture will have a unique position within your collection.

It has a story to tell.


Kooyoo Peter Exhibitions:

2001 Living Arctic, Inuit Gallery of Vancouver, Vancouver, BC
2000 Seven Emerging Artists from Cape Dorset, Inuit Gallery of Vancouver, Vancouver, BC
1995 Miniaturen, Inuit Galerie, Mannheim, Germany
1993 The Bear: Sculpture, Albers Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1992 Inuit Sculpture--New Acquisitions, Pucker Gallery, Boston, MA
1989 Cold Stones, Warm Hearts: Inuit Art from the Northwest Territories, University of Richmond, Richmond, VA
1988 Arctic Forms - Inuit Sculpture, Arctic Inuit Art Gallery, Richmond, VA
1987 Exhibit of Cape Dorset Sculpture, Eskimo Art Inc., Ann Arbour, MI

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