10" Seal Hunter by Louie Uttaq Gjoa Haven *Stoic*

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Louie Uttaq

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Inuit art: Seal Hunter 
Inuit Artist: Louie Uttaq
Size: 9.5" high, 7" wide, 8" deep
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU
Material: Serpentinite & Caribou bone
id: c-105

Traditionally, Inuit hunters use harpoons to kill seals, which they hunt while standing on the ice or while sitting in their kayaks. 

Most of the world's seal hunting takes place in Canada and Greenland. Seal meat is an important part of the Inuit diet.

You will find yourself immediately bonding to this intrepid carving.  He stands patiently on the ice, with his arm poised ready to spear the first unsuspecting seal that strays into his path.

This Inuk is stocky and sturdy.  His features are those of a middle-aged Inuit: a man who has experienced many harsh winters and living conditions.

The details of his clothing, his facial features, and his harpoon characterize the Gjoa Haven esthetic of depicting real people and animals in their natural setting.

The size of this carving allows for an endearing depiction of this traditional Inuk.  I find that many carvings of Inuit life are smaller scenes or vignettes which makes it more difficult for the viewer to appreciate the details. 

This sculpture is an exemplary example of Uttaq's skill and imagination.  He is well known and respected and one of the more prolific Gjoa Haven artists.

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