10" Crane by Buddy Alikamik *Smitten*

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Buddy Nutik Alikamik

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Inuit art: Crane
Inuit Artist: Buddy Nutik Alikamik
Size: 10" across (8" vertical), 8" wide, 4" deep
Community: Ulukhaktok (Holman) 8/22
Material: Muskox horn
id: 816000323fejy

Magnificent Movement!

Buddy Alikamik is a stand out talent.

He can coax muskox horn into the shape of a delicate crane. 

The Sandhill crane breeds in Alaska, northern Canada and eastern Siberia.

Cranes are among the tallest birds in the world and their family bonds are long.

Smitten longs for his own family but first he needs a mate.

He is a handsome Crane. 

Tall, lean and beautifully coloured.

From the right side, he is adorned with dark brown and pinkish stripes.

From the left side, his colour is the classic pink colour of musk horn.

This is a stunning piece.

Buddy has summoned all his extraordinary skill and imagination to carve a muskox horn into this heart rendering love bird..   


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