23" BENCHMARK Migration Boat by Abraham A Ruben *High Hopes* CURATOR'S CHOICE

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Abraham Anghik Ruben

$64,880.00 CAD

Inuit art: Umiak Migration Boat
Inuit Artist: Abraham Anghik Ruben
Size: 23" long, 18.5" high, 8" deep. Weight: (heavy)
Community: Paulatok, NU 11/23
Stone: Brazilian Alabaster & Mixed media (wooden paddle and batons)

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The most noble and captivating sculpture that I have seen in the last 17 years by renowned elite Master carver  Abraham Anghik Ruben. 
This is a piece that most collectors will see only once in a lifetime.
The investment potential for this piece is extraordinarily high. 

Abraham Anghik Ruben has carved an extraordinarily exquisite sculpture illustrating the voyage of Inuit men in their Umiak.

An Umiak is a large open wooden boat covered with hide which is often referred to as a Migration boat used to transport supplies to the Inuits' summer home.

But often on these trips severe weather or accidents spelled disaster.

High Hopes is a human tale of the will to survive.

Carving the “passengers” is painstaking work.

You will be inspired by the emotions Ruben has carved into the faces of these men.

Each man’s face depicts a different emotion, from exhaustion to joy!

Like Joe Talirunili's (1893-1976) Migration boats, Ruben has told an epic story.

But what distinguishes Ruben from Talirunili's boats are the four gray standing figures who are waving drums or guiding the boat and the stunning Sedna holding the boat up in the water, offering her protection.

The figures are carved in an abstract style allowing the viewer to interpret the piece on a more personal level.

I believe that Ruben's High Hopes is in the same league as Talirunili's boats.

In 2006 and 2019, Talirunili's boats sold at auction for the highest prices ever realized for Inuit art.

High Hopes is the kind of piece that one day will see listed for $150,000 + in an Inuit art auction.

It truly is a benchmark carving with major historical relevance.

Ruben is an Elite Inuit Master Carver who has had International exhibitions, is featured on the cover of many Inuit Art publications and has sculptures in all the major Art galleries and museums .



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