16" SIGNATURE Muskox Horn Crane with Egg by Buddy Alikamik *Thea*

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Buddy Alikamik

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Inuit Art: Crane with Egg
Inuit Artist: Buddy Alikamik
Size: 16" across (beak to tail), 8" tall, 8" deep
Community: Holmen, NU 2/24
Material: Muskox horn
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**This Item is Eligible for Our 0% Interest Layaway Plan.

** Buddy Alikamik SIGNATURE Muskox Horn Crane

Radiant Pinks!

As an alternate medium to stone, Muskox horn has a radiance that is heavenly.

The pinky tangerine colour of the horn, triggers your sense of touch.

You find yourself wanting to touch the carvings.

Are they cool to the touch?

Are they soft or velvety?

Are they hard like stone?

And then, the pastel colour changes to black!

Many artists will use this part of the stone to create the face.

Thea is exotic and eclectic.

She is lovingly guarding her unborn offspring.  

She is prepared to fight off any predator if necessary.

The crane incubates the egg by sitting on it to keep it warm.  

This is a task shared by both the male and the female crane although the female usually incubates the egg 70% of the time!

Alikamik is a talented carver of horn cranes.

His birds are magically with distinct personalities.

Our clients love these elegant birds.


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