Wolf by Bobby Anavilok

Bobby Anavilok

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Inuit art: Wolf
Inuit Artist: Bobby Anavilok
Size: 9" across (7" horizontal), 6" high, 2.5" wide
Community: Kugluktuk, NU
Stone: Dolomite
id: d-5588aejjy

This is a rendition of a real life wolf. In order to achieve the true grace and timid stance of this gorgeous mammal, Bobby had to painstakingly carve out each leg. This takes tremendous focus and patience for an artist to do. Wolfs and caribous are by far the hardest subject for an artist to carve. This is why they are not frequently seen.

What really captured my attention with this particular wolf was the facial expressions and the delicate stance. It is crafted in such a way that you can tell it is intended to be an adolescent wold. The curiosity in its eyes are telling to this particularity.

The tenuous realism and visages of Arctic mammal have rendered Anavilok's craft as a distinctive, yet prominent mainstay for galleries alike. His fastidious proportions, and exquisite beauty, have endeared Anavilok's depiction of Northern wildlife to be celebrated among the avant-garde circles of Inuit art. 

The movement, the stone, the finish, the carved fur and everything else about this piece all encapsulate it as a masterpiece period.

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