9" Walking Bear by Pitseolak Oshutsiaq

Pits Oshutsiaq

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Inuit art: Walking Bear
Inuit Artist: Pitseolak Oshutsiaq
Size: 9" long, 6" high, 4.5" deep. Weight: 9.1 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: serpentine, beautiful apple green

This is a gorgeous and equally impressive apple green walking bear. What attracted me to this piece were its voluptuous curves, impressive size, and its overall stature. The electrifying green completely radiates its surroundings and can energize an entire room. Your audience will be immediately captivated by this beautiful piece as they enter the room.

I have always been drawn to apple green carvings. I feel that they give a sense of excitement to the piece. Also, they are not used as much as other traditional browns and greys, which is why I find them to be somewhat more unique.

This bear, is very shiny, well polished and smooth throughout. It is also respectively massive for its size. It weighs almost 10 lbs. the mass is due to the voluptuousness of the piece.

This bear comes with an Igloo Tag (Certified of Authenticity). The carving is completely perfect! 

Signed in Inuktitut on the bottom.

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