Owl Man Transformation Spirit by Kupapik Ningeocheak

Kupapik Ningeocheak

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Inuit art: Shaaman Spirit
Inuit Artist: Kupapik Ningeocheak
Size: 13" across, 8" high, 8" deep,  18 lbs (substantial piece - heavy)
Community: Sallit
Stone: Basalt
id: caps-830000747afjjy

Image result for kupapik ningeocheak inuitIn this rather rudimentary piece, the artist carves out the subtle nuances of this "owlman" transformation which later iconifies it into a masterpiece carving of nostalgia and timelessness. Can be interpreted in both traditional and contemporary, the simple lines and beautiful stone render this as a stoic masterpiece.

One of Sallit’s greatest and most respected sculptors, Ningeocheak’s experimentation and use with different subject matters have helped establish his community as a prominent region for this style of art.  This Owl man has become a favoured one.

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