Seal and Pups by Ejeetsiaq Pitseolak

Ejeetsiaq Pitseolak

$1,855.00 CAD

Inuit art: Seal with Pup
Inuit Artist: Ejeetsiaq Pitseolak
Size: 10" tall, 8" wide. Weight: 5.6 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: serpentine (polished to mirror shine)
id: dfa-7522Jhjjred

When you look at this sculpture, every curve is polished to perfection. It is also a very unique and original piece as i have never seen a Seal with her calfs done before in this fashion. The exquisite dark stone give an intensity to this piece that make it electrifying. 

The subject, and moreover the gorgeous dark stone it is done in with the carved in eyes give this piece a more dramatic and realistic effect. The proportions are brilliant as well as the lines.

The sculpture is signed by the artist in Inuktitut, comes with igloo tag.

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