Playful Walrus and Bear Collage by World Famous Lukie Airut

Lukie Airut

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** This product is only available to Canadian buyers due to wildlife restrictions.

Inuit art: Bear & Walrus Collage
Inuit Artist: Lukie Airut 
Size: 10" long, 5" high, 7.25" wide, 4.11 lbs
Community: Igloolik, NU
Stone: Marble 
id: ijj818001049

Everything about this piece is no less than masterful. The subject, the collage of stone elements working together, the electric white stone, the stance of the bear, the movements of the walrus, the playful whales, and the sharp claws coming out of the bear are all incredible.

This piece tells a story of the cohabitation dependency the animals of the North have with one another. It is the cycle of life and a beautiful collage of the prominent species located in the far North. The masterful detail, the contrasting elements and the overall uniqueness of the piece will no doubt make this carving a featured piece in any museum or auction magazine.

Furthermore, the realism captivated by this carving is a reason why this is a masterpiece of Inuit art. The talents and the skillful details Lukie uses allow the bear to have the features of a true bear in its natural habitat.

Lukie Airut is a brilliant artist and is one of the most famous Inuit artists in the world. This collage is a centrepiece for any home, office or gallery like ours.

I truly admire carvings that come from distant communities in the North such as Igoolik. For one, carvings from there are very unique and differ from what you would normally see from other Inuit communities. The artists here have a different culture when it comes to carving. Rather than attempting dancing bears or transformations, they strive to make their pieces in a traditional manner depicting a sense of realism and natural habitat of the Inuit and animals of the North.

This carving is very unique but traditional to the Inuit culture. It is a beautiful piece and I did not hesitate when acquiring it.

Lukie Airut (1942 - )

Community: Igloolik (born in Alanarjuk Lake)
Speaks: Inuktitut

Lukie (Luke) Airut is a second generation master Inuit artist. He learned to carve from his father George Kappianaq. Lukie's younger brother, Bart Hanna, is also a well-known Inuit artist. Lukie originally started making sculptures to support his family as there were not many other employment opportunities in the community. Now, he is a well established and internationally respected Inuit artist. He works with stone and whale bone. Lukie carves every day except for when he he goes hunting and fishing to provide food for the family and community. Often he brings back stone and bone from these hunting trips.

Lukie attended Nunavut Arctic College, where he specialized in the fine art of jewellery making. Lukie's sculptures are very detailed, sophisticated and are often multidimensional.


The Museum of Inuit Art, Mississauga, ON, Canada
The Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
The Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON
The University of Alberta,  Edmonton, AB, ON 

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