9.5" Startled Owl by Temela Pitsiulak (from Iqaluit Exhibition)

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Temela Pitsiulak

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Inuit art: Startled Owl   
Artist:Temela Pitsiulak
Size: 9.5­­­­" high, 8" wide, 4" deep. Weight: 5.16 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset
Stone: Marble

Museum Quality Sculpture!

Temela carved this owl for 2013 Inuit art Festival in Iqaluit, and the owl was exhibited there!


Temela is known for his white owls. This one was created specifically for exhibition and is different from most of his owls:

1. It has fantastic claws.

2. The beak is big and wide open.

3. The wings are spread out.

4. The owl itself is very deep (4" deep).

5. Temela carved this owl for an exhibition and put even more efforts than usually to make sure it's perfect.


This is one of a kind masterpiece.

Will be a centre piece for your collection. Really beautiful carving.

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