Mother Bear with Teeth and Her Cub by Johnassie Ippak

Johnassie Ippak

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Inuit art: Mother bear with teeth and her cub
Inuit Artist: Johnassie Ippak
Community: Sanikiluaq, NU
Stone: Argillite
Size: 7" long, 5.5" tall, 5" wide, 6.8 lbs (heavy). The bear alone cub is 5" long.
This sculpture is big, if the head wasn't turned, the mother bear would be 10" long.

Very rare sculpture - mother bear and her cub!

Bear families don't get carved that often, this is the first one we've seen from Johnassie.
He is more known for single walking bears with teeth.
Here you have Johnassie's signature bear with teeth with an added bonus - a baby on the back.
Beautiful sculpture! 
Great wedding gift idea!
Signed on the bottom in Inuktitut, comes with igloo tag.

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