RESERVED** Magnificent 21" Big Owl by Nuna Parr

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Nuna Parr

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Inuit art: Owl
Inuit Artist: Nuna Parr
Size: 21" tall, 20" wide, 67.6 lbs

Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine 
id: dfa-7520Lhjjjred

This is a stunning sculpture of a very rare owl by Nuna Parr. This is most probably the only owl we have ever seen Nuna Parr make.

This is a rare and captivating piece indeed. This monumental work is unique in comparison to Parr's oeuvres in that it strays from his more classical themed walking and dancing bears. 

Undoubtedly, the uniqueness of this piece demonstrates the versatility and magnificence of Nuna Parr's brilliance. 

This compression of form releases animal and sculptural energy which gives playful personality and pungent character. The movements are vocal, not only in terms of playfulness, but also innocence.

The highlight of this piece is exclaimed through the stunning emerald green stone punctuated by the inlayed eyes made from caribou bone. This establishes a gateway to a euphoric dynamic where the sculpture is completed to a degree of perfection rarely ever seen.

This stone emulates and defines serpentine at its finest. The visage of green punctuates the piece into a level of surreal triumph.

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