Large 12" Ptarmigan by Kulula Itulu

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Kulula Itulu

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Inuit art: Ptarmigan / Bird
Inuit Artist: Kulula Itulu
Size: 12" long, 7" tall, 8" wide. Weight: 9 lbs
Community: Kimmirut (Lake Harbour), NU
Stone: Serpentine
id: 836018563eejy

This Ptarmigan is of first generation Eskimo style art. Its rendition of a Bird is done in a minimalist format, a standard theme for this generation of carvers. The rudimentary lines and proportions are done in a 2-dimensional effect which achieves a sense of rawness and naturalistic beauty.

Its bulk and mass make it a central figure that commands attention.


Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull, Quebec                                                                                                    
Musee des beaux-arts de Montreal, Montreal, Quebec                                                                                               

Institute of American Indian Arts Museum          
KEEPING OUR STORIES ALIVE:  An Exhibition of Art and Crafts from
Dene and Inuit of Canada.  Santa Fe, N.M.: Institute of American
Native Arts Museum, 1995

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