Jake Kudluk (Kadluk) Bear Diving off Ice Floe

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Jake Kudluk

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Inuit art: Walking Bear
Artist: Jake Kudluk
Size: 10" long, 7 " high, over 4.5" wide. Weight: 12.8 pounds
Community: Igloolik

This bear like many carvings from Igloolik, was made to look as real and life-like as possible. The texture of the fur along with its respective etching marks give the appearance that this bear is in its natural habitat.

This bear is not only beautifuly crafted, it is also abundant in size. She weighs just shy of 13 lbs. The proportions of this bear are very life like. This is what attracted me to the piece.

Jake is famous for his diving bears in grey stone that he gets from Igloolik. It's rare to see a bear by Jake available for sale, usually you would see them as already sold out in Inuit art galleries.

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