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Noah Parr

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Inuit art: Inukshuk
Inuit Artist: Noah Parr
Size: 11.5" tall, 7" wide, 4" deep, 14 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine
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This majestic inukshuk, carved by Noah Parr using a warm tobacco brown marble, is currently the largest inukshuk in our gallery!

Noah Parr, the son of master carver Nuna Parr, is known world wide for his large bear carvings. Noah Parr has established his own reputation for creating very large inukshuk carvings.

An inukshuk is a figure made of piled stones or boulders constructed to communicate with humans throughout the Arctic. They are the penultimate symbol of Canada and the Canadian North.

Like the iconic Canadian, Douglas Fir, Parr’s inukshuks are a rugged spiritual force. This inukshuk's spire-like crown soars toward the heavens as the multilayered torso is firmly secured to the bedrock by its stocky Goliath-like legs.

The serpentine stone of this piece is polished to a smooth cool finish. It invites the viewer’s touch.

This carving would be a spectacular addition to any space. It is undoubtedly a perfect Canadian gift.

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