8" Igloo by Noah Onalik

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Noah Onalik

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Inuit Art: Hunters (Father & Son) in Igloo
Inuit artist: Noah Onalik
Community: Iqaluit
Stone: serpentine
Dimensions: 8" long, 4.5" wide, 3.5" high
Weight: 3.12 lbs

Fantastic Igloo from Iqaluit. I've never seen anything like this from Noah or any other Inuit artist. 
Igloo is a very rare subject in Inuit art, possibly because it has lots of details and takes long time to carve.
A father and a son who are both hunters built this igloo during their winter hunting trip as a temporary shelter. The father has a knife (carved out of caribou antler).
The father hunter can sit comfortably inside the igloo as well as stay on his hands and knees at the igloo's exit.
Every inch of this sculpture is perfect.
Incredible details, beautiful polish and unique subject make this carving very rare.

Inuit people of Canada use to live in igloos a couple of decades ago, most older generation artists are born in igloos.
Nowadays Inuit artist live in houses but still build igloos as temporary shelters during their winter hunting trips.

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